Surface Protection Film

Surface damage can sometimes not be reversed which is why Surface protection film becomes essential for all the goods in transit as well as regular goods that we use every day.

Surface protection film is very important to safeguard these goods and items and even resist impact while transit.


Types of Protective Film for protection of surface includes:

LDPE is a low density polyethylene that can be easily used as protective film for surface protection of many products.

(i)                  COEX or CO-EX LDPE Film

This film is a co-extruded low density polyethylene. Co-Extrusion means that there are two or more plastic layers that are formed together which forms a single sheet of film.  Over all this becomes better in surface protection.

PO or Polyolefin Film is ideal for use on some painted metal surface or on acrylic applications.

Paper can also be used as surface protection film although it’s not as durable as plastic surface protection films.

Few other types of Surface Protection Films include:

  • Self Adhesive Films
  • PE copolymer

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