Cling Film

Cling Film

Cling Film

Cling Film clings and covers food without any adhesive or glue required for covering it. We provide cling films that tightly pack food items together.

The Cling Film that we offer is a kind of film that wraps the food of different shapes and sizes. This film is made of transparent polymer which has the attribute of clinging to food containers or any other material to form a sealant for that food item. Cling Wraps keeps the food from contamination and keeps it fresh at the time of consumption.

Clings film can also have a very versatile attribute as it clings to containers having a broad rim and can be stretched to a great extent.

Manufacturing Cling Film

Mostly polyethylene is used to meet the requirement that goes into making a cling film. The stretch quality in cling film helps the film in clinging and getting wrapped around the food evenly.

It keeps the food soft:

It keeps the food from drying in the refrigerator and also doesn’t spread the smell of food in the fridge keeping it fresh at all times.

Few Benefits of Cling Film include

  • Promises Freshness in the Food
  • Useful in wrapping a variety of food for preserving its quality
  • Foods like cooked Foods, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products, Sweets
  • It Preserves the Aroma in the Foods

Decorative Cling Films which do not need adhesives

Cling Wraps come in various colours. With Films like these you don’t really need any adhesives or messy sticky glues. We offer cling film that can be reused making it a cost effective option. Decorative Films are good for decorating acrylic surfaces, picture frames, mirrors cars or school bags.

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