Food Packaging Laminates In Pouch And Roll Form

Food Packaging Laminates In Pouch And Roll Form

Food Packaging Laminates In Pouch And Roll Form

Food packaging laminates in pouch and roll form are essential materials used to protect and preserve food products. These laminates consist of multiple layers of films and barriers that provide excellent barrier properties, ensuring product freshness and safety.

The process of food packaging laminates involves combining different layers of films through lamination. This creates a sturdy and flexible material that can be formed into pouches or rolls for packaging various food items.

Food packaging laminates in pouch and roll form find diverse applications in the food industry, including snack, beverage, and confectionery packaging. They preserve freshness and quality, ensuring leak-proof seals and attractive presentations for snacks, beverages, and sweet treats.

Manufacturing Food Packaging Laminates

At Tilak Polypack, we take pride in our superior manufacturing process for food packaging laminates, offering exceptional quality and a wide range of features that set us apart from the competition.

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Material Selection: We carefully choose high-quality films and ensure optimal protection against moisture, oxygen, and other factors that can affect food freshness.
  2. Lamination: To enhance the strength and durability of the laminates, we laminate multiple layers of films, creating a robust and flexible composite material with excellent barrier properties.
  3. Customization and Printing: We offer customizable options for laminates, including size, design, and printing. Our state-of-the-art printing capabilities allow for vibrant and eye-catching designs, branding elements, and product information to be incorporated onto the laminates.

Features of Tilak Polypack Food Packaging Laminates:

  1. Made from 100% Food Grade certified raw material
  2. Can be supplied using a variety of substrates like Pet, Met Pet, BOPP, HS – BOPP, Alu-Foil, CPP, PE etc.
  3. Can be supplied in Roll Form as per customers requirement
  4. Can be supplied in Pouch Form as per customers requirement (Center Seal, Three Side Seal, Standup Pouch, Zipper Pouches etc).

Choose Tilak Polypack for unparalleled food packaging laminates that combine superior barrier protection, customization options, and a commitment to quality. Experience why we are the preferred choice among others in the industry.

Tilak Polypack is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of FOOD PACKAGING LAMINATES IN POUCH AND ROLL FORM in the world. With a presence in countries such as US, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and Norway, Tilak Polypack has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality FOOD PACKAGING LAMINATES IN POUCH AND ROLL FORM.


  • These benefits make food packaging laminates an ideal choice for effectively preserving and presenting food products.
  • Superior barrier protection against moisture, oxygen, and external factors.
  • Extended shelf life and freshness preservation.
  • Flexible and durable for easy handling and transportation.
  • Customizable designs for enhanced brand visibility.
  • Compliance with safety standards for food contact.
  • Expertise in high-quality laminate manufacturing.
  • Strict quality control for consistent excellence.
  • Customization and innovation for specific requirements.
  • Timely delivery for efficient supply chain operations.

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