Biohazard Bags

Biohazard Bags

Biohazard Bags

These biohazard bags are designed to help health and lab professionals as they properly dispose of waste and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

To destroy medical waste is important as it is highly contagious and can spread harmful infections. Our range of biomedical waste collection bags is Eco-friendly and is the best option for disposing any type organic waste. We procure high grade of HM-HDPE from reliable vendors across the globe. Making use of latest technology, we manufacture biomedical waste collection bags that are printed.Our biohazard bags can be provided with zipper or grip-seal.

Manufacturing Bio Medical Waste Bags

At Tilak Polypack, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality biohazard waste bags, also known as medical waste bags or biomedical waste polythene. Our manufacturing process ensures the following features that set us apart from others:


  • Infectious waste bags, biohazard specimen bags & chemotherapy drug transport bags
  • Quality bags for everyday use in the medical & healthcare industry
  • Numerous stock sizes available


  • Securely contain hazardous materials, minimizing the risk of exposure and contamination.
  • Meet regulatory guidelines for proper handling and disposal of biomedical waste, ensuring compliance.
  • Help prevent the spread of infections and diseases by isolating and containing biohazardous waste.
  • Designed to be puncture-resistant, reducing the risk of leaks or spills during handling and transportation.
  • Color-coded and labeled with biohazard symbols for easy identification of hazardous waste.
  • Simplify waste management with easy and safe disposal options for healthcare facilities.
  • Promote sustainability with eco-friendly materials, reducing environmental impact.

Tilak Polypack is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Biohazard Bags in the world. With a presence in countries such as US, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and Norway, Tilak Polypack has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality Biohazard Bags.

How to Select Biohazard Waste Bags?

To select biohazard waste bags:

  • Consider the size: Choose bags that are appropriate for the volume of waste you need to dispose of.
  • Check for compliance: Ensure the bags meet regulatory guidelines and standards for biohazardous waste disposal.
  • Look for durability: Select bags that are puncture-resistant and strong enough to prevent leaks or tears.
  • Consider closure options: Look for bags with secure closures, such as twist ties or zip locks, to prevent accidental openings.
  • Evaluate visibility: Opt for bags that are transparent or have clear panels, allowing for easy identification of the waste inside.
  • Assess capacity: Determine if the bags have sufficient capacity to hold the waste without overfilling.
  • Check for labeling: Look for bags that are clearly labeled with biohazard symbols and appropriate warnings.
  • Consider disposal requirements: Ensure the bags are compatible with your facility’s waste disposal methods and regulations.
  • Evaluate cost-effectiveness: Compare prices and consider the overall value and quality of the bags.

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