Black Refuse Sacks

Black Refuse Sacks

Black Refuse Sacks / Compactor Sacks

There is nothing more frustrating than bin bags breaking and failing during busy service hours, so we offer these Ultra Heavy Duty Black Bin Bags to meet the rigorous demands of commercial use.

Our Ultra Heavy Duty Black Bin Bags have been especially designed to stand up to the stresses of the catering and hospitality industry.

These bin bags offer EXTREME strength and are our most resilient bin bags.

Key characteristics ofBlack Refuse SacksBags:

  • Extra thick material
  • Split resistant when stretched
  • Puncture resistant
  • Retain strength after puncture
  • Strongly fused and robust base
  • Fantastic Value

Key features:

  • Black Refuse Sacks- Large
  • Extreme strength
  • Strong, durable and very tough
  • Stretch without breakage
  • Resilient to punctures
  • Suitable for high volume usage
  • Ideal for commercial use in catering environments
  • Strong base for resilience to splitting / busting
  • Can be supplied with Plastic Drawstring

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