Plastic Stretch Film

Plastic Stretch Film

Plastic stretch films are flexible and elastic packaging materials used to secure and protect items during shipping and storage. They are made from polyethylene or similar materials, which are extruded into thin sheets and then stretched in both directions to enhance their strength and stretchability.

This process creates tightly wrapped and secured packaging around the goods, preventing dust, moisture, and other contaminants from reaching the contents. Plastic stretch films are available in various thicknesses and sizes to accommodate different packaging needs.

They offer excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance, and load stability, ensuring the packaged items remain intact and protected. These films are widely used in logistics, retail, and manufacturing industries for palletizing, bundling, and unitizing goods.

They provide cost-effective and efficient packaging solutions, minimizing product damage, reducing packaging waste, and facilitating easy identification and handling of the packaged items.

Plastic Stretch Films Manufacturer

At Tilak Polypack, we specialize in manufacturing plastic stretch films, offering superior quality and exceptional performance. Our plastic stretch films are produced using state-of-the-art machinery and high-quality polyethylene materials.

The manufacturing process begins with the extrusion of polyethylene resin into thin sheets. These sheets are then fed into a specialized stretching machine, where they are stretched in both longitudinal and transverse directions. This stretching process enhances the film’s tensile strength and elasticity, ensuring its ability to wrap around various types of goods securely.

Tilak Polypack is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of PLASTIC STRETCH FILM in the world. With a presence in countries such as US, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and Norway, Tilak Polypack has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality PLASTIC STRETCH FILM.

Our plastic stretch films exhibit several key features that set them apart from others in the market. These features include:

  • Protection Against Dust / Dirt
  • Helps make packaging waterproof when wrapped around paper containers
  • Helps for Visual Inspection
  • More Cost effective compared to Straps / Shrink / Corrugation
  • Available for Manual Wrapping / Machine Wrapping
  • Standard Widths : 50 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm / 300 mm / 450 mm / 500 mm / 600 mm (Other Widths available on request. Max Width 1.5 Meters)
  • Standard Thickness : 12 Micron / 15 Micron / 18 Micron / 23 Micron / 29 Micron (Other Thickness Available on request)
  • Standard Colours : Natural / Opaque White / Blue / Black (Other colours available on request)
  • Standard Core ID : 25 mm / 31 mm / 76.2 mm
  • Special Additives : UV Protection / VCI / Antistatic

As a leading plastic stretch film manufacturer, we prioritize quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. We invest in advanced technology and stringent quality control measures to deliver products that meet the highest industry standards.

How to Select Plastic Stretch Films?

  1. Consider load requirements: Assess weight, size, and shape to determine the appropriate film thickness and strength.
  2. Look for stretchability: Choose films that can stretch to accommodate different load sizes and shapes.
  3. Prioritize load stability: Select films with excellent retention properties to prevent shifting during transportation.
  4. Ensure puncture resistance: Opt for films that resist damage from sharp edges or rough handling.
  5. Check compatibility: Confirm the film works with your packaging equipment for efficient wrapping.
  6. Seek transparency: Choose films that offer clarity for easy product identification and barcode scanning.
  7. Consider application specificity: Evaluate the film’s suitability for your industry or environment.
  8. Choose a reputable stretch film supplier: Work with Tilak Polypack for high-quality plastic stretch films and exceptional service.

Considering these factors and partnering with a reliable stretch film supplier ensures that the chosen plastic stretch films meet your packaging requirements and contribute to operational efficiency.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing customized solutions, prompt service, and competitive pricing, making us the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient packaging solutions.

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