Grip Seal Bags

Grip Seal Bags

Grip Seal Bags

Easy to open and close again and again…..and again.

When you’re looking for a fantastic bagging solution that offers a secure place that can be resealed then you need look no further than the grip seal bags we supply. It doesn’t matter what you’re using these products for, they can make an excellent option for food goods, but provide a particularly fantastic selection for things like nuts and bolts; small items that are stored together for security and to make them easy to find. Even lab samples, and the tight, grip seal ensures that there is no spilling or leaking.

Grip seal bags are so versatile that they have become a warehouse and office essential, and being approved for food use, they’re indispensable in commercial kitchens too.

The transparent nature of this protective packaging also makes these bags ideal for the presentation of certain smaller items within a retail setting (body jewellery, nails and various screws, etc). The larger sized bags meanwhile can also be used to protect reading materials such as manuals and documents if desired.

Key Features

– Reusable

– Highly transparent

– Food safe

– Tough

– Easy and quick to seal

Available Size:

  • MIN SIZE : 100 MM X 200 MM
  • MAX SIZE : 600 MM X 600 MM

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