Stretch Film

Tilak Polypack is renowned for offering Stretch Film which includes Mini Stretch Wrap RollsManual Stretch FilmMachine Stretch FilmSilage Stretch Film,Cling Film.

Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls

Mini Stretch Wrap Films are ideal for wrapping items that are small and where the wrapping has to be done by hand.

Mini Stretch Wrap films are ideal for bundling and collating small items easily as the small size of the film makes bundling easier.

Some smaller items are very difficult and awkward to cover which is why mini stretch wrap rolls are used for such items.

We can supply the film in thickness ranging from 11 Micron Onwards and width from 50 mm Onwards.

We can supply in a variety of colours like Natural, White, Black, Blue etc.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film is ideally used for wrapping of Pallets. We use the best possible grades to ensure that one can get the maximum pre-stretch while wrapping.
Since we manufacture using blown film process, we can get better puncture resistance compared to Cast Based Machine Stretch Films.

Silage Stretch Film

Silage Stretch Film is used by our customers in a variety of colours like White, Black and Yellow. We use Additives imported from Europe to ensure that we get the best possible tackiness and UV Protection.
Our 29 Micron Silage Stretch Film is ideal for use of 10-12 Months in sunlight under European Conditions.

Cling Film

Our Cling Film rolls are very useful in food packaging and catering applications. Since our Cling Film is made from LLDPE, it is 100% Non-Toxic and without any plasticizers. It has a lower density compared to PVC Cling Films, so there would be a benefit in the cost.
We can supply with special additives like Anti-Fog, where packing of higher temperature material is required.

Benefits of Food Packaging

It is so amazing that how important is to role of food packaging in our day to day lives.

We need Packaging of everything that we own from food products to clothes and still we overlook at the importance of packaging don’t we?


Have a look at how food packaging impacts our lives and how it benefits us:

  • Packaging is required for safe transportation of the food products
  • Packaging Safeguards products and keeps their contamination at bay
  • Different food packaging materials are used to package different kinds of food products
  • Food Packaging Materials are now available at competitive prices and are available almost everywhere
  • Food Packaging Material of different shapes and sizes are used to suffice different food packaging requirements
  • Plastic food packaging materials are popular in India as well as around the world because of its less weight.

Food Packaging in India

Food packaging prevails in India as the food manufacturers here have to ensure that the food that is been manufactured by them are nicely packaged before they are sent for shipping or for other transportation purposes.

Different food items have a different process for packaging food. Liquid food follows a different process while solid and dried foods follow different types of processing for packaging of foods.

In today’s time and era of “living life in the fast lane” safety of food products is of utmost importance which is why Food packaging plays a major role in our day to day lives.

Milk Packaging Film

Milk Packaging Film and the materials used to manufacture it have to be of superior quality to prevent any sort of leakage or contamination through sealing.

These films have to be good sealing quality and higher puncture resistance. The Inks used to print on the Film should be suitable for storage in Deep Freezer.
Ideal Thickness for packaging of Milk are 50 Micron for upto 500 ml, 60 Micron for 1 Liter, 100 Micron for 6 Liter.

Advantages of using a Mulch Film

Farmers are now usually using mulch films in order to retain water within the soil, to reduce occurances of weeds, improve the productivity and overall quality of the crops.

Mulch Films not only aids growth and reduces soil evaporation but is also good for the environment as it helps reduce use of harmful chemicals.

Here are a few benefits of Mulch Films:

  • Reduces Soil evaporation by retaining the water within the soil.
  • The fertilizers that are used for growing these plantations are optimally used
  • Prevents Drowning of Crops as the seedlings are protected by the Mulch Film.
  • Using special colours like Silver + Black Mulch helps in keeping insects away as well.

The use of mulch films is a necessity but not a choice in barren lands where sustaining agriculture is pretty much dependent on plastic mulch films to a great extent.

Mulch films can also be used on already grown crops or plantations as it even aids these plantations to a great extent.

Surface Protection Film

Surface damage can sometimes not be reversed which is why Surface protection film becomes essential for all the goods in transit as well as regular goods that we use every day.

Surface protection film is very important to safeguard these goods and items and even resist impact while transit.


Types of Protective Film for protection of surface includes:

LDPE is a low density polyethylene that can be easily used as protective film for surface protection of many products.

(i)                  COEX or CO-EX LDPE Film

This film is a co-extruded low density polyethylene. Co-Extrusion means that there are two or more plastic layers that are formed together which forms a single sheet of film.  Over all this becomes better in surface protection.

PO or Polyolefin Film is ideal for use on some painted metal surface or on acrylic applications.

Paper can also be used as surface protection film although it’s not as durable as plastic surface protection films.

Few other types of Surface Protection Films include:

  • Self Adhesive Films
  • PE copolymer

Pre Stretch Films for cost effective packaging

What is Pre- Stretch Film?

Pre-Stretch Film is a multi-layer stretch film that is made to be thinner and stronger than standard hand grade stretch film. This multi-layered stretch film has special characteristics that increase stretch resistance and strengthen load holding for transport. Ultimately, this produces less environmental waste since the operator consumes less material during usage.

The high-performance pre-stretched film brings the benefits of the modern top of the range stretch wrapper to less advanced machines.

Why Pre-stretch?

  • Cost & Time Effective
  • High performance; puncture and tear resistance at thinner thickness
  • Reinforced edges to provide load-holding force
  • User Friendly
  • Stretch Consistencies
  • Easy to wrap, save of workforce effort
  • Environmentally friendly and easily recyclable
  • 50% less film consumption.
  • Longer length with the same reel weight due to its low thickness.
  • Less time and effort to wrap a load.
  • Presents minimum neck down while being applied.
  • Less film consumption and thus lower packaging and waste disposal costs
  • More meters per roll for reduced storage space and fewer roll changes during processing
  • High retention forces for best pallet stability
  • Hand Use: 430 – 450 MM x 9 Micron x 500 Meters. 2” Paper Core ID.
  • Machine Use: 430 – 450 MM x 9 Micron x 1500 Meter. 3” Paper Core ID.
  • Other Sizes that can be made on request: 150MM, 200MM, 250MM, 300MM, 400MM, 500MM, 550MM.

The results are clear:

Standard Sizes Available:

Choosing Pre Stretch Film for your packaging has numerous benefits and also is cost effective. If you think these suits your requirement ask for a Free Sample today!

Few Benefits of Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls

Have a look at the important benefits of Mini Stretch Wrap rolls here:

Cost Reduction

Wrap rolls are used to wrap several loose boxes together so that it becomes easy at the time of transit. The boxes or these wraps are beneficial from the point of view of reduction in labour cost.

Imagine carrying loose boxes or goods each separately without bundling them into any wraps? Sounds time consuming isn’t it??

Yes it does and furthermore it also requires more manpower and other resources eventually increasing the cost of labour. Hence the goods carriers prefer mini stretch wrap rolls or normal sized wrap rolls to wrap their goods in turn reducing the labour costs and saving time.

Mini Stretch Wraps Rolls Keeps Robber from anyone robbing the goods:

An essential and important benefit of having your goods wrapped is they don’t easily open and makes it difficult for the thieves to rob anything from within at the time of transport. Hence this is a very crucial benefit of having your goods stretch wrapped at the time of transportation.

Damage resistance:

Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls provides resistance from damage at the time of transit. Loose goods or boxes are more likely to get damage by dropping or other impacts.

Mini Stretch wrap rolls comes in different sizes and colour and you can pick things with ease.

Using Bio degradable films

The main benefit of using biodegradable films is you do not need to worry about disposal and also it is environmental friendly.
We have three bio degradable films which can be used for purposes as mentioned below.
Bio Degradable Mulch Film
Conventional PE Mulch Films have to be collected manually after the harvest which is a very costly and laborious task. Compared to this biodegradable mulch films can be plowed into the soil after harvesting is done. The microorganisms present in the soil will decompose the film. This helps in saving of time and money for the farmers.
Biodegradable Mulch Films have a higher mechanical strength compared to regular films, so thickness can be reduced to help in offsetting the higher cost of raw material.
Biodegradable Shrink Films
Biodegradable Shrink Film’s high mechanical strength can help in reducing the thickness of the film compared to conventional PE Film. The temperature of the shrinking tunnel can also be reduced significantly which helps in saving energy costs.
Biodegradable Shopping Bags
Biodegradable Shopping Bags having thickness 20% lower than conventional bags would have the similar type of load bearing strength and other properties. They can be programmed in such a way to biodegrade only after use. It has a very good puncture resistance and would be leak free. Kitchen Waste / Food Waste can be turned into compost along with this bag.
All our biodegradable films meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 Requirements.
If you think these suits your requirement ask for a Free Sample today!