Stretch Film

Tilak Polypack is renowned for offering Stretch Film which includes Mini Stretch Wrap RollsManual Stretch FilmMachine Stretch FilmSilage Stretch Film,Cling Film.

Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls

Mini Stretch Wrap Films are ideal for wrapping items that are small and where the wrapping has to be done by hand.

Mini Stretch Wrap films are ideal for bundling and collating small items easily as the small size of the film makes bundling easier.

Some smaller items are very difficult and awkward to cover which is why mini stretch wrap rolls are used for such items.

We can supply the film in thickness ranging from 11 Micron Onwards and width from 50 mm Onwards.

We can supply in a variety of colours like Natural, White, Black, Blue etc.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film is ideally used for wrapping of Pallets. We use the best possible grades to ensure that one can get the maximum pre-stretch while wrapping.
Since we manufacture using blown film process, we can get better puncture resistance compared to Cast Based Machine Stretch Films.

Silage Stretch Film

Silage Stretch Film is used by our customers in a variety of colours like White, Black and Yellow. We use Additives imported from Europe to ensure that we get the best possible tackiness and UV Protection.
Our 29 Micron Silage Stretch Film is ideal for use of 10-12 Months in sunlight under European Conditions.

Cling Film

Our Cling Film rolls are very useful in food packaging and catering applications. Since our Cling Film is made from LLDPE, it is 100% Non-Toxic and without any plasticizers. It has a lower density compared to PVC Cling Films, so there would be a benefit in the cost.
We can supply with special additives like Anti-Fog, where packing of higher temperature material is required.

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