Ice Bags

We supply wholesale ice bags that can withstand rough handling and provide refreshingly tasting ice. All of our ice cube bags are exclusively designed to withstand below freezing temperatures!

  • Made from 100% Virgin 3-Layer PE Films
  • We use Metallocene and EVA to provide the best possible seal strength in below freezing temperatures.
  • We do surface printing upto 8 colours and our inks have optimum deep freeze properties.
  • Bags can be provided with D-Punch for ease of handling
Ice Bag Features: Drawstring designs Flat packs Plastic & wire wickets Custom and stock prints Meets legal standards for packaging markings

A variety of ice bags offered by Tilak Polypack’s helps owners of convenience stores, liquor stores or grocery stores chill its refreshing products.

  • Printed ice bags
  • Unprinted ice bags
  • Drawstring printed ice bags
Printed ice bags

Make a splash with our high-quality poly plastic ice bags, printed with your logo, and address information. We have many capacities and bag styles to accommodate any need. Personalize our stock design or allow us to custom design a unique customized bag just for you.

Unprinted ice bags

Our production process produces unprinted ice bags with a unique balance of ideal ice bag features. These bags offer high impact strength, low haze with high gloss and clarity, and superior durability. They retain flexibility at low temperatures, reducing the brittleness of the bag at ice temperatures. Gusseted unprinted ice bags are available, offering easy expansion for quick packaging or bulky items.

Drawstring Plastic Ice Bags:

These crystal clear, wholesale plastic drawstring ice bags for ice are pre-printed with a built-in cotton draw-string for easy hauling and a tight closure.