Agricultural Films

Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Agricultural Films such as Plastic Mulching Film, Plastic Greenhouse Film, Silage Stretch Film, Bio Degradable Mulch Film, Low Tunnel Film, Mulching Film and many more items from Kalol.

Plastic Mulching Film

Application of mulch films has become more and more important to farmers all over the world in order to:
  • Increase soil temperature
  • Speed up the germination and cultivation cycles
  • Reduce or fully eliminate the use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Keep fertilizers and nutrients closer to the plant
  • Prevent fruits and vegetables from direct contact with soil

Thickness :
  • 15 Micron - One Season Crop
  • 25 or 30 Micron - Two to Three Season Crop
  • 50 Micron - Orchards
  • Widths : 600 mm to 1800 mm
  • Colours : Standard are Silver + Black, Black Only, Red + Black, White + Black, Natural.

Plastic Greenhouse Film

  • Helps in protection in climate variations
  • Helps in creating a controlled environment
  • Benefits for crop growing in adverse conditions
  • Thickness Available : 180 Micron / 200 Micron
  • Available Widths : 4 Meter / 4.5 Meter
  • Additives UV Stabilized, Light Diffusion, Antifog Etc. 

Low Tunnel Film

  • Low Tunnel Films helps in protection in climate variations
  • Helps in Protection against Insects
  • Reduces Crop Maturity Period
  • Reduces temperature variations between day time and night time (very useful in extreme conditions)
  • Available Thickness : 50 - 150 Micron or As per your requirements
  • Available Widths : 1 Meter to 4.5 Meter
  • Available Colours : Clear or Yellowish
  • Additives : Anti Fog, Light Diffusion.

Mulch Film – The Definition

Mulch films are also termed as agriculture films. These Agriculture or mulch films that we provide are available in a variety of colours and thickness depending upon the crop and weather conditions and lifecycle of the product.

Benefits of Mulch Film

Less investment on weedicides:

Weeds required light to grow. A coloured mulch film will not allow light to reach the soil hence reducing the number of weeds. This will benefit the farmer by reduction in use of weedicides.  

Retains the moisture in the soil

Most crops do not need a lot of water to help in growth. They require moisture. Use of Plastic Mulch helps in preventing the water from evaporating.  

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