Stretch Film

Tilak Polypack is renowned for offering Stretch Film which includes Mini Stretch Wrap Films, Manual Stretch Film, Machine Stretch Film and Cling Film.

Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls

Mini Stretch Wrap Films are ideal for wrapping items that are small and needed handy.

Mini Stretch Wrap films are ideal for bundling and collating small items easily as the small size of the film makes bundling easier.

Being made from 100% Virgin and Food Grade Material, it can be used in the catering industry as well. Size and Thickness can be customised as per the customer’s requirement.

We can supply Cast Stretch Film or Blown Stretch Film.

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Manual Stretch Films

We manufacture Manual Stretch Wrap Films for customer’s who have a low volume requirement, where machine use cannot be justified or when odd shape products are required to be packed.

Can be supplied with a variety of special additives like VCI, UV, Antistatic, Antifog.

Few Features Include
  • Excellent clarity
  • Lower cost of packing compared to Straps
  • Helps in resistance to water or other liquids
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Machine Stretch Films

Machine Grade Stretch Films can be used where customer’s have to use a machine to wrap their products. Machine Stretch Film comes in a variety of widths from 150 MM to 1000 MM, and thickness range of 17 Micron onwards.

Our machine stretch films, can be used for Pallet Wrapping using High Speed Machines where Pre-Stretch is also done to the film before wrapping.

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Cling Film

Cling Film is majorly used in packing of food products or for catering use. We use only virgin and food grade raw material with our special additives being imported from Europe. We can supply cling film in thickness ranging from 10 Microns with length of the roll as per customer’s requirements.

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