Advantages of using a Mulch Film

Farmers are now usually using mulch films in order to retain water within the soil, to reduce occurances of weeds, improve the productivity and overall quality of the crops.

Mulch Films not only aids growth and reduces soil evaporation but is also good for the environment as it helps reduce use of harmful chemicals.

Here are a few benefits of Mulch Films:

  • Reduces Soil evaporation by retaining the water within the soil.
  • The fertilizers that are used for growing these plantations are optimally used
  • Prevents Drowning of Crops as the seedlings are protected by the Mulch Film.
  • Using special colours like Silver + Black Mulch helps in keeping insects away as well.

The use of mulch films is a necessity but not a choice in barren lands where sustaining agriculture is pretty much dependent on plastic mulch films to a great extent.

Mulch films can also be used on already grown crops or plantations as it even aids these plantations to a great extent.

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