Pre Stretch Film

What Is Pre-stretch?

Pre-stretch is the process that allows the stretch film to be stretched before (pre) being applied to a load.

Pre-Stretch ?lm is a multi-layer stretch ?lm that is made to be thinner and stronger than standard stretch ?lm. This multi-layered stretch ?lm has special characteristics that increase stretch resistance and strengthen load holding for transport. Ultimately, this produces less environmental waste since the operator consumes less material during usage.

The high-performance pre-stretched film brings the benefits of the modern top of the range stretch wrapper to less advanced machines.

Pre-stretch is strong, consistent and stable at a minimum effort of the worker. The cost of consumables is drastically reduced while increasing film coverage.

Why Pre-stretch?

  • Cost & Time Effective
  • High performance; puncture and tear resistance at thinner thickness
  • Economical Transportation
  • Reinforced edges to provide load-holding force
  • User Friendly
  • Stretch Consistencies
  • Easy to wrap, save of workforce
  • Environmentally friendly and easily recyclable

Cost and Time Effective

  • 50% less film consumption.
  • Longer length with the same reel weight due to its low thickness.
  • Less time and effort to wrap a load.
  • Presents minimum neck down while being applied.

User Friendly

  • 50% lighter weight.

Environmental and Economical

  • Less film, less waste.

The results are clear:

  • Less ?lm consumption and thus lower packaging and waste disposal costs
  • More meters per roll for reduced storage space and fewer roll changes during processing
  • High retention forces for best pallet stability