Lidding Films

Tilak Polypack has marked a new benchmark with its great reputation and worldwide happy clients for its range of fabulous Lidding Films.

Lidding Films

These Lidding Films are available with different specifications and also can be customized as per your requirement.

Features of Lidding Films include:
  • Steam Venting
  • Suitable for conventional oven and microwave
  • Very high strength / impact resistance
  • Macro hole perforation
  • Peel seal or Weld Seal
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Easy Peel Film

Easy Peel Film is good option for easy opening of diverse food items. Easy Film Peel uses the option of polymer alloy.


The peeling doesn’t have any sticky residue on it making it easy to peel for any stored food item.

The sealing can be used for a wide range of temperatures of different level and can sustain its seal at all levels.

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Hips Sealing Films

We are in the manufacturing of seals and are catering mineral water, milk, cosmetics and confectionery industry.

Hips Sealing Films are ideal for sealing hips cups and maintaining the seal for long hours for use while travelling.

With years of experience in Hips Sealing we have clients across the world that are not just satisfied but exceeded the level of satisfaction for sealing the hips cups and many more.

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