Floor Protection Tape

Protect floors and countertops from damage during maintenance and painting.

  • Safely covers hardwood, laminate, marble and tile surfaces.
  • Optional Blue-tinted poly film with medium tack adhesive backing.
  • Removes easily. Leaves no residue.
TilakPolypack Floor Protection Film is perfect for protecting hardwood flooring & tile from:

Dirt, dust, foot traffic, paint spills, construction debris, and a wide variety of other messes!

Professionals use TilakPolypack Floor Protection Film for various applications, including:

Construction, remodelling, renovation, restoration, painting, maintenance, model homes & vehicles, showrooms, open houses, parties, RVs, and much more.

Floor Protection Film can be used for construction, renovations, model homes, entrances & exits, showrooms, painting, stairs, and parties. The polyethylene film is resistant to tears and punctures from sharp items.

We also provide Roll Applicator to help in applying the tape.